Protective Peelable Coatings

provide temporary masking, protection, decoration or long term preservation

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WindOcoat 4930 is used to protect glass and non porous window frames during construction from bricklayer, painters, cleaners and anyone else who comes into contact with windows

  • Do not effectively protect both aluminium extrusion and the glass
  • Do not effectively protect all of the aluminium extrusion
  • Are costly and labour intensive to apply
  • Are costly and labour intensive to remove and clean up
  • Are prone to failure
Easily Maintained

Peeling the film off the window will also carry any deposited dirt, render, paint and debris

Does not require cleaning
Easily implemented

Only requires Paint on & Peel off

A 2-step process

Before we started using WindOcoat_4930 we had (problem with) scratches, rust stains, discoloration and repairs. With WindOcoat_4930 our problem disappeared. It is a great product

Dear Mike, We had only a small sample. We used a brush to apply the material to a window at my home as we did not have enough material to prime a pump and spray it on.”

We were concerned that the material allow light in, that it peel after being over-painted, that it provided a clear surface after peeling, that it not create any problem when over sprayed onto adjacent wood trim. The material, brushed on, performed well.

We were able to score it with a razor and peel it from the wood, it allowed light, it left a clean surface when peeled, it didn’t stick to anything. We will now apply with an airless sprayer and hope to repeat the findings

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